INTRA BALTIC Services Company offers professional bolting services on customer’s site. Jobs are performed with high-tech professional tools from leading European manufacturers like Hi-Force, SCHAAF and others.



  • Jobs are performed with tensioners, torque and hydraulic wrenches, other types of hydraulic tools;
  • Controlled torque tensioning from 48 up to 181,000 Nm (maximum tolerance 3%);
  • Installation/deinstallation of fasteners with nut size range from 12 mm to 165 mm.




  • Installation of equipment at gas booster stations;
  • Maintenance of heat exchangers and column equipment at refineries and chemical plants;
  • Installation of equipment at drilling platforms and oil and gas fields;
  • Repair of equipment in ports of shipbuilding and ship-repair yards;
  • Installation of jib cranes, bridge girders at construction facilities;
  • Installation of furnace and crushing equipment at cement production plants and pits.




  • Work on sites with difficult access and minimum working space;
  • Solving custom bolting tasks;
  • Torque control;
  • Job safety;
  • Fast bolting;
  • Minimum risk of leaks in further equipment operation;
  • Wide range of applications in various industries.

Professional hydraulic tools, bolt tensioners, torque wrenches, pneumatic multipliers are available for rent.

Учебник по болтингу

INTRA BALTIC Services specialists have developed a training course ‘Rules and Basic Principles of Bolting’.

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